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Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 9
For some time, the animals walked quietly along the main path winding between the bent and twisted trees.  The level of light diminished startlingly fast; despite the late afternoon sun above, the forest was shrouded in semidarkness.
"Oh my," said Opal, scrunching her nose in distaste.  "This place is every bit as cheery as the rumors imply, isn't it?"
"Were you expecting differently?" Angel asked.  "Be glad it's just dark and musty right now.  Later on, we'll probably have a whole lot more to worry about."
"Oh yes.  I am so looking forward to meeting all the bloodthirsty beasts," Opal said sarcastically.  "The thought of the seven of us getting the flesh stripped from our bones because of an attempt to help one unfortunate pony just fills me with so much excited anticipation."
"No one's forcin' you to do this, you know," Winona said crossly.  "If you're just gonna be gloomy and cynical all day, then I reckon we'd al
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 8 38
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 8
The silence was tangible in the room as hundreds of eyes turned to stare at the intruder.  At the sight of the rabbit he'd been trying to keep out of his thoughts, Angel was filled with a strange mixture of anger and relief.
"F-Fluttershy!" Angel stammered.  "Kid, what the heck are you doing here?!  This is, uh… this is no place for you!"
"Don't try to scare me off," said Fluttershy seriously as she began to march down the aisle.  "And you already know why I'm here, Angel."
"Uh… no, not really," Angel said flatly.  "But kid, we're kind of in the middle of something.  You've got to leave.  Now."
"I'm not going anywhere," said Fluttershy, giving Angel a threatening glare.  "I've come back to do what has to be done."
"Oh, so now you want me to help you find that stupid mushroom," Angel said.  "It's a little late for that, kid.  You shoulda stuck around instead of run
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 9 30
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 7
The sounds of the main chamber of The Haven faded as Fluttershy cautiously made her way up the long, narrow tunnel.  The wood around her had been painstakingly smoothed, creating a domed effect within the passageway.  There was very little light, but after spending time in the rabbit city, Fluttershy had become quite accustomed to that.
Finally, she reached the end of the tunnel, where to her surprise, a door had been installed.  It looked fairly professional, too; it was obviously crafted with greater care than the crude furniture adorning the chambers in the underground city.  Fluttershy lightly pushed on the door, and was shocked when the tunnel was flooded with light.
Beyond the door was an outdoor area.  It appeared to be a sort of bowl-like depression at the very top of the tree, but it was surrounded by a thick, intricate mesh of small branches, making the space impossible to access from the outside, unless you could fly. 
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 8 18
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 6
By the time Fluttershy was properly cleaned, dried, warmed, and fed, the sun had gone down, and the stormy day had given way to a cool, clear night.  Carrying the sapphire and pink water lily, Angel and Fluttershy set out for Ponyville for another meeting with Owloysius.  Moonlight illuminated their path as they passed through the rain-soaked fields.
Neither rabbit spoke very much; both had a lot on their minds after the events of the afternoon.  In silence, they finally arrived at Ponyville library, late into the evening.
Peewee, who had been perched on the windowsill, squawked in excitement when he spotted the two visitors approaching.  "Uncle Owly!" he called into the library's main chamber.  "I see Angel and Fluttershy!  Come over and pick them up!"
Owloysius fluttered to the perch, and then down to give Angel and Fluttershy a lift.  Once the rabbits were safely inside, he hopped down onto the study table where,
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 8 23
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 5
Fluttershy opened her eyes just a bit and squinted around the dark bedroom of her cottage.  Surely, it had to be morning by now, yet no bright, welcoming rays of sun adorned the floor today.  Fluttershy rubbed her eyes and stood up, glancing at the clock up on the bedside table.
Oh my, it's already mid-morning, she realized.  Then why is it so dark?
Fluttershy scampered over to the rabbit hole in the corner of the room leading to Angel's home.  After a short clamber down the earthy slope, she reached her friend's living quarters.  The white rabbit remained asleep, sprawled on his wide makeshift bed.
"Angel Bunny," Fluttershy called as she entered.  "Come on Angel, we slept in.  We need to go looking for the next ingredient!"
Angel rolled out of bed and onto the dirt floor.  "Alright," he groaned as he sat up.  "Let's get it out of the way.  The lake's only about a mile from
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 9 33
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 4
Fluttershy was stunned into silence.  She stood staring into space, her mouth dangling open.
"A… a bunny… forever…?"
Angel looked just as upset.  "By Tuesday?" he asked.  "But Tuesday's the day of the-"
He caught himself, noticing the others looking at him curiously.  "I mean… Tuesday.  Yeah.  We still got some time.  Please tell me there ain't a whole lot of ingredients we need to gather, Feathers."
"Well, let me see," Owloysius began.  "At first, Peewee actually made the suggestion that we simply reverse the transformation with an additional dose of Heart's Desire, but unfortunately, that will not work."
"Why not?" Fluttershy asked.
"Something about the magic of the new desire interfering with the magic of the old desire," said Owloysius.  "I remember overhearing Lady Twilight talking to young master Spike about a filly in town that had contracted Cutie Pox from use of Heart'
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 9 23
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch.3
"Angel...  Angel Bunny…  Angel, wake up…"
Angel pried open an eyelid and squinted up into the pair of big teal eyes staring down at him.
"What do you want, 'Shy?" he groaned.
"It's morning!" Fluttershy said happily.  "You said you would take me to visit the place where the animals live today!"
Angel rolled over and buried his face in the grass.  "Mmf," he replied disinterestedly.
Fluttershy paced back and forth on the front lawn of the library as she waited for Angel to pick himself up off the ground.  The sun was barely peeking over the horizon, but she was already excited to get started with her day.  If all went well with Owloysius' research, this could very well be her only remaining day as a rabbit; she couldn't waste it.
Fluttershy giggled to herself at the thought of finally seeing the place where the animals spent their time when they weren't visiting her cottage to eat or receive some other treatment.
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 10 29
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day Ch. 2
Angel sighed as he stopped for the twelfth time, glancing over his shoulder.  "I knew that this was gonna take all day…" he mumbled.
The white rabbit stood at the top of a grassy hill near Fluttershy's home, waiting impatiently for his much, much slower companion to catch up.  Fluttershy continued to hop awkwardly along, completely unable to keep up with him.
"You make this look easy," she panted as she finally reached the spot where Angel waited.
"It is easy," Angel said.  "We could get where we're going a lot faster if you could run like a normal rabbit, you little klutz."
Fluttershy frowned.  "Sorry.  I'm trying my best."
Angel softened a bit.  "Well, I guess we're not in a huge hurry or anything," he admitted.  "I'm sure I'd be stumblin' over myself too if I suddenly turned into a pony.  How do you walk on those long legs, anyway?  And with that droopy tail, it's a wonder you don't trip a
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 11 23
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day- Ch.1
Fluttershy sighed, glancing at the now damaged wooden birdhouse that had tumbled to the cottage floor.  "Um, Rainbow Dash?" she asked quietly.  "Do you think you could be just a teensy bit more careful?"
"Yeah, sorry," said Rainbow Dash absentmindedly as she continued to dart quickly around the interior of Fluttershy's home.  "Now, where is your other suitcase?"
"In the closet," Fluttershy said.  She winced as Rainbow shot like a rocket into the hallway to retrieve it, but fortunately, nothing broke this time as the excited mare whizzed by.
"Rainbow Dash," Fluttershy began hesitantly.  "I'm sorry, but, why are you so, you know… excited about this?  I mean, you're not even coming with me."
Rainbow poked her head out from the closet.  "I know that!" she insisted.  "I'm just excited to think that you're going.  Las Pegasus is awesome, Fluttershy!  It's a lot like Cloudsda
:iconpegasusrescuebrigade:PegasusRescueBrigade 32 62
Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day by MischiefLily Fluttershy's Bad 'Hare' Day :iconmischieflily:MischiefLily 43 50 Octavia With A Ponytail by JennieOo Octavia With A Ponytail :iconjennieoo:JennieOo 1,446 133




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